Meeting Minutes 11/19/2012

20 Nov

Minutes 11/19/12


Attending: Suzanne L, Jamie B, Sarah T, Ron G, Tyler N, Jeanette K, Christa, Katie M, Andrew H, Cassie S, Gus H, Miriam G, Sydney F


Holiday sale coming up:


-Tuesday December 4th night- Off Center being painted, pedestals being set up

-Christa, Gus, Jamie, Tyler volunteer

-Wednesday the 5th night- studio clean up starts at 7.

-Thursday the 6th -entries for juried show accepted from 9 until 12:30

-Christa volunteers to sit and take entries

-Christa and Mary getting credit card machine


-Thursday the 6th night- hang work for show

-Ron, Suzanne, Sarah, Tyler

-Cassie making labels


-Katie volunteers to call Kaiman, request a piece be done on the sale

-Gus is going to bring out tally sheet to ASUM, ask them about inviting Clay Studio members into our sale

-Food to be set out at the sale:

-Ron, Trey, Beth, Christa, Sarah (drinks)

-Last call for work will be a couple hours before the sale, will be an envelope of sheet on Beth’s door


UMECA Minutes 11/13

14 Nov



Alex S

Jeanette K

Miriam G

Cassie S


Katie M

Andrew H

Ron G


Jamie B

Sarah T

Mary CB

Charlotte D

Megan S

Gus H

Sydney F

Suzanne L


Crista N


Gus says need people to get prizes for Holiday Sale

-Sarah the Bridge

-Megan The Good Food Store

-Mary Provost,

-Gus The Dean, President

-Cassie Bob Wards, Liquid Planet

-Tyler REI

-Katie The Wilma, Bitterroot Flowers

-Alex- Rockin Rudys

-Jeanette Costco

-Sydney The Book Exchange, Big Dipper


Mary and getting credit card machine for holiday sale.


Suzanne asks if we should donate a percentage of earnings back to art department.


Cassie proposes throwing day, 11/17 or 11/18, work to be donated to holiday sale


2013 Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship/ NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship

9 Nov

Applications Due: January 16th, 2013

For fellowship details and to download the submittal form, visit

Meeting Minutes 10/23/2012

9 Nov

UMECA Meeting 10/ 23/ 12


Mary CB, Gus H, Katie M, Miriam, Jamie, Cody H, Kaylen R, Sydney F, Jim


-Gus says we need to make a poster for holiday sale, Miriam volunteers to draw up drafts.

-need a committee to get prizes, free snack trays

-Katie volunteers to get prizes, Mary volunteers to talk to the university (president, provost, etc.)

-Gus proposes that people present ideas for more fundraisers at the next meeting to make money for Medulta, Nceca

-Mary suggests group Medulta application

-Katie says free workshop at redlodge clay center 11/2, free lodging

-Bray days, Arthur Gonzalez next week

-Out of the Blue juried show, apps due November 17th

-Julia has a talk at the clay studio Friday, workshop Saturday

Exhibition Opportunity

20 May

Nebraska National Collegiate Juried Art Exhibition


The Department of Art & Art History at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln announces the first annual Nebraska National Collegiate Juried Art Exhibition. The exhibition will feature the work of the best student artists from across the country and will be shown in the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery at UNL. Entries are being accepted from April 2 to May 31, 2012. The exhibition will open on September 7, 2012 and will be on display through the month.


Each year three different media disciplines will be featured, and in 2012 these are Ceramics, Photography and Printmaking. This year the jurors are:


Ceramics: Sam Chung
Photography: Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek
Printmaking: David Morrison


There will be $4,500 in awards given out this year, provided by Dan and Barbara Howard in recognition of excellence.


Best of Show- Ceramics: $1000
Best of Show- Printmaking: $1000
Best of Show -Photography: $1000
Best of Show- Overall: $1500


Besides the gallery show, the exhibition will be shown online and a catalog will be published as a print-on-demand book that will be available for download or purchase.


Submissions will be accepted from April 2-May 31, 2012

Students can enter up to three works represented by up to five images. Maximum size for 2D work: 72” high and 60” wide. Maximum size for 3D work: 36” in any direction, 50 lbs. max. The entry fee is $10


Details can be found at


Information about the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery can be found at


Important Dates:

April 2 Slideroom opens for entries

May 31 Slideroom closes

June 1- 30 Jurying process

July 1 Notification begins (via email)

August 1 Deadline for arrival of accepted artwork

Sept. 7 Public Reception and Awards announced

Sept. 28 Exhibition ends

Work for NCECA Show and Summer Residency

20 Mar
For those people who have work for the KOBO show, please have your work ready to travel on Friday at 3pm.  Leave it in the OFF CENTER gallery.  The work should be packed for car travel, well cushioned but as small as safely possible.  (CAssie, Gus, Nathan, Trey: meet at OFF CENTER at 4pm.)
Also, The Clay Studio of Missoula offers a summer residency for UM students. If you are interested, info can be found on the website:

Meeting Minutes 3/12/12

16 Mar

Monday, March 12, 2012

6:30 p.m.


Meeting Minutes


Trey H.:


NCECA Information:

-Who is going?

-Get organized for booth

-9 a.m. Thursday meet at booth to schedule shifts


-Design Center Show

-Figure out how to get work back

-Everyone is responsible for removing work

-Cannot get work until Sunday at 9 am. Can pack it Saturday evening. Count on             Sunday.


Suzanne L. asks what will happen if people leave their piece. She says people need to help clean the space.


Beth L. said we are responsible for that.


Beth L said the work needs delivered Sunday between 3 and 5 for KOBO show.

-Unpack and install work

-Beth L. will pick up the work



-Excel sheet with info for the show for potential sales

-Rachel J. will do this.


Will H. said they are leaving Saturday, so he might be able to install with Nathan T.

Gustav H. he might be able to help install


Gallery takes 45% of sales


The KOBO Gallery has a 14ft counter, 9ft counter, and 9 ft. wall

Thursday 4-6 opening


Shalene is the juror


Trey H. says to obtain proof that you are a student to get the student price for NCECA.


Trey H. says spend time on the things you want. Shows are just as important as lectures.


Suzanne L. says attend receptions as well.


Plan things in small groups, instead of large.


Beth L. says her friend is doing a lecture about porcelain. Seattle Art Museum, “porcelain room”.


Jim H. points out that we need to get the pedestals as well. He could donate his truck.


Rachel C. can bring back the pedestals


Sunday, by 10 am, everyone needs to meet to clean up and get work out of the show.

Cordelia R., Rachel J., Rachel C., Will S., Miriam G.


Suzanne L. says everyone who wants money for NCECA needs to write a proposal to obtain funding.