Meeting Minutes 11/19/2012

20 Nov

Minutes 11/19/12


Attending: Suzanne L, Jamie B, Sarah T, Ron G, Tyler N, Jeanette K, Christa, Katie M, Andrew H, Cassie S, Gus H, Miriam G, Sydney F


Holiday sale coming up:


-Tuesday December 4th night- Off Center being painted, pedestals being set up

-Christa, Gus, Jamie, Tyler volunteer

-Wednesday the 5th night- studio clean up starts at 7.

-Thursday the 6th -entries for juried show accepted from 9 until 12:30

-Christa volunteers to sit and take entries

-Christa and Mary getting credit card machine


-Thursday the 6th night- hang work for show

-Ron, Suzanne, Sarah, Tyler

-Cassie making labels


-Katie volunteers to call Kaiman, request a piece be done on the sale

-Gus is going to bring out tally sheet to ASUM, ask them about inviting Clay Studio members into our sale

-Food to be set out at the sale:

-Ron, Trey, Beth, Christa, Sarah (drinks)

-Last call for work will be a couple hours before the sale, will be an envelope of sheet on Beth’s door


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