Meeting Minutes 2/13/12

14 Feb

UMECA Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2012

6:30 pm

16 Attending

$7,021.61 total in UMECA fund

What do we need money for?

-NCECA (guessing 20 people going)

-500 postcards double sided ($100)


-Bray Days ($150)

-NCECA juror for functional show ($100)

-Jury fee to replenish funds

-$10 for 1, $15 for 2 (propose)

-Furniture for the NCECA Show

-Money for Kowki Durst for food, lodging ($350)

-Bring in Ben for one day, Kowki for 2 (Trey H. will call Ben)

*Leave $500 for the fall

Suzanne L. says we want to keep at least $500 for fall. Lists items above.

-$4,000 set aside for NCECA

-Tip Toland ($500)

Financial Gains:

-Medalta Sale

-Jury fee

-ASUM request

-Christian S. says there is an Excellence fund through the President’s office.

-Suzanne L. brings up the issue of who qualifies for UMECA funding.

-Trey H. wants to encourage people to join UMECA and to not cut them off.

-Cordelia R. brings up the idea of a spring fundraiser.

-Gustav H. agrees

-Cordelia R. suggests that classes are encouraged to make work for sales.

-Trey H. wants people to make quality work rather than work just to sell.

-Beth L. doesn’t think we should push the sale aspect too much (art first!)

-Trey H. says that we need info to get the student NCECA price

-Tuesday, March 27th is the opening of the Western Northwest

-Trey H. describes how the working the booth works at NCECA

Deadline for functional show? March 19th or 20th

-“What’s the Use? Functional Ceramics and Ceramics About Function”

-Trey H. wants us to push the idea, even sculptors should make a piece.

-“The Porcelain Room”-exhibition at NCECA

*All scholarships for Medalta and Red Lodge participants were approved for $200 each.

Provided by SET


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