Meeting Minutes 12/14/11

16 Dec

Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2011

11 Attending



-Clean up Friday, Dec. 16 at 12 pm

-Set up/clean new glaze area

-Any work that is finished should be removed



-How are we going to get the work there?

-Beth L. said we could use her van to get the work there. Nathan T. will drive it.

-Randi O. will bring her own piece and Trey’s piece-$100 for gas

-Rachel C. will bring the remaining work there-$100 for gas.

-Leave January 1st, return January 3rd

-Nathan T. proposes to take work and install show for $340+$350 in gas. This includes one other person (Will. H.), they will make labels as well.

-$20 per person to get their work there. Ronald G. will collect the money.

-Pedestals? Asking the gallery for 10. We will take wall pedestals.

-Who is going to take it there/get it back

-Where to put the work to be taken?

-Images of work for the publicity

-Postcard?-$100 Signage? Send postcard images to Cordelia R.

-Send publicity images to Sarah T.


-Walls are strong enough to hold artwork.

-At the design center, contact person is Claire Johnson, contact her directly for pedestals

-Walls are taupe, so use taupe labels

-Fine to install January 2nd

Provided by SET


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