Meeting Minutes 12/5/11

12 Dec

Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2011

6:00 p.m.

18 attending



-Rachel C. and Andrew H. will finish painting posters



-Beth L. says we need more on campus


Show set up 6 p.m.

Cordelia R. and Gustav H. will take the jurors our to lunch. All are welcome, but only paying for 2.


Can drop off work from 9-12. Suzanne L. will take work and fee


Should we have a fee for the show?

-Cordelia R. says yes, majority agree

-$5 entry fee per piece


NCECA January Show “The Western Northwest”

-Deadline December 13

-Entry fee? Trey thinks the entry fee should be on the lower end.

-$10 for 1 piece, $15 for 2 pieces. Graduate students will pay the entry fee as well.

-Nathan T. suggests that there should be a weight limitation.

-Sean C. suggests we pay a certain amount for travel, and if it is over a certain weight, change the price.


-Suzanne L. and Rachel C. will make labels for the shows.


Postcards for the show:

-Nathan T., Cordelia R., and Cassie S. will design it.


Get awards for Holiday Show together by tomorrow evening. Email to

Provided by SET


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