Meeting Minutes 11/21/11

27 Nov

UMECA Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2011, 7:00 pm

22 attending


Cordelia R. says we have 10,000 dollars in our budget

-$800 in over our budget

Suzanne L. suggests we lower the amount we give to students for NCECA

Beth L. suggests we ask ASUM for money for NCECA booth. Will discuss if faculty or students should do this.

Fundraising ideas:

-Chili bowl feed at citizens center

-St. Patricks day activities


Beth L. points out we have a juror’s fee that will allow extra money ($10 up to 2 pieces for Holiday show)

Suzanne L. suggests we keep NCECA money consistent. Will discuss later.


Claire shows poster design:

-Suzanne L. suggests we print on yellow paper with black ink

-Beth L. suggests we get 25 printed on the thicker paper and the rest on thinner paper to save money (100 posters max), and hand-bills (as much as you can get for  $100)

-Will distribute posters December 1st


Alumni Feature Table for the sale:

-Beth L. suggests we invite alumni that are in the area

-Should we invite sculpture alum’s work at the sale? Beth L. says yes.

-Lee S. has the lists of alumni to invite for the sale


*Ellie W. and Kelsey D. will allow UMECA to use their personal pedestals for the show

Nathan T. will give a price for 10 pedestals so UMECA can buy materials to make them

Everyone will bring plastic and paper bags for the sale.

Cordelia R. will make inventory sheets for work for the sale. The sheets must be in by 1 pm on the day of the sale

Cordelia suggests we keep the alumni work on one table that can be refilled. Agreed.


NCECA juried shows:

Invitational is to be set up in January (“The Western Northwest”)

-Graduate students and faculty are in the show, undergrads will be juried

-Sculpture and pottery

-Budget: Suzanne L. will go to the President and the to ask for funding

Sarahjess H. will call the graduate school to ask if they give funding for travel

Nathan T. will find the cost of shipping the artwork

Cordelia R. suggests that if you get into the show, you contribute money to get your work there.

-Entry fee $15 for up to 2 pieces

-Tuesday, December 13 at 12 pm deadline for jurying in the off center gallery

-Juror: Jill Oberman

Provided by SET





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