List of UMECA Sale and Show Jobs

27 Nov

UMECA Jobs for Christmas Sale and Show:

“Thank You” sign to donors and Collection: Lee S.


On Campus:

1. Cassie S.

2. Cordelia R.

Off Campus:

1. Suzanne L.

2. Kim

Sign Board: Rachel C.

Credit card and Griz card machines:

1. Cassie S.

2. Rachel C.

3. Gustav H.

Paint/Repair/Build pedestals:

1. Kim

2. Nathan T.

3. Rachel J.

Clean Up and set up for sale Wednesday night (Dec. 7)

1. Jackie

2. Lee S.

3. Ron G.

4. Sarahjess H.

5. Sarah T.

Clean up Thursday, Dec. 8: Sarahjess H. + Studio clean up crew

Decorating for Christmas Sale (Thursday, Dec. 8th, 10 am)

1. Suzanne L.

2. Rachel J.

3. Audrey

Christmas Show set up (Wednesday, Dec. 7th 6-7pm):

1. Cordelia R.                         5. Nathan T.

2. Rachel C.                            6. Ron G.

3. Kim                                       7. Sarah T.

4. Rachel J.

Type Labels for Show Wednesday night: Miriam

Food and Beverages:

1. Ellie W.

2. Jo

3. Rachel C.

4. Lee S.

5. Cordelia R.

Coffee, Paper plates, silverware: Beth Lo

Lee’s list of people and places to get donations from (Thank you Lee!):

Book Exchange: Cordelia

Silk Road: Sarah Jess

Cafe Dolce: Sarah Jess

Ace Hardware: Lee

Michael’s: Rachael

Trail Head: Rachael

The Catalyst: Lee

Food For Thought: Joanna

Good Food Store: Cassie

Light House Coffee: Lee
Carmike Theatres: Cordelia

Butterfly Herbs: Kelly

The Break: Lee

Wardens: Ellie

Betty’s Devine: Rachael

Bicycle Hanger: Lee

The Wilma: Sarah T.

The UC Market: Lee

Home Resource: Joe

Bernices Bakery: Kim

Meadow Sweep: Kim

Butter Cup: Cassie

Provided by SET


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