Meeting Minutes 10/24/11

30 Oct

UMECA Meeting Minutes October 24, 2011

7:00 pm

21 attending

1. Brian Gillis money

-Suzanne L. states that we have given $150

-Beth L. says she felt that he did a good job and deserved to have a portion of the funds.

-Suzanne L. says in the future, we will need more advanced notice.

– Cordelia R. thinks we should make these decisions as a group in the future and make a policy. Sarahjess H. agrees.

-Beth L. says in the future we should make these decisions as a group

-Nathan T. suggests that there be a certain amount of funds dedicated towards visiting artists per year.

-Trey H. suggests we talk about this now because we will be receiving money.

-Cordelia R. suggests that we discuss the budget and think of some policies.

-Cassie S. motions that we make a budget committee. Cordelia R. seconds.

-Motion passes.

2. What does it mean to be a UMECA Member?

Suzanne L. mentions NCECA funding and other funding issues.

Active membership includes:

60% attendance

Participation in holiday sale

Active on a committee

Enrollment issues

-Cordelia R. suggests that we have 60% students and 40% non-students

-Beth L. suggests we make it a little more informal, acting on the side of generosity, Trey H. agrees

-Sarahjess H. suggests each person who wants funding should write a proposal. Officers will assess.


-Cordelia R. says the deadline is October 31st.

4. Holiday Sale

-Suzanne L. suggests that we invite alumni to participate in the holiday sale

-Do we have an email list? Suzanne L. suggests we actively collect an email list

-Randi O. thinks this is a good idea, and should be professional and advertised (showcase)

-Reagan, David Pledge, Kensuke, Eva Champagne, Doug Baldwin, Brian Kakas, etc.

-Beth L. suggests we start with local artists, Trey H. agrees

-Claire asks if there are any limitations (i.e. mostly functional?)

-Beth L. says anything is fair game to sell

5. Holiday Juried Show

-Lee S. has a contact list of businesses to ask for donations (prizes)

-Beth L. has a job list/prize list for the sale that she will provide to the officers. She says the press release and poster need to be done early/asap

-Beth L. suggests we have a different juror and maybe two jurors. She suggests Wes Mills (sp?) who is a minimalist sculptor and David Smith. Trey H. will contact David.

-Sarahjess H. suggests we ask for donations in the beginning of the school year rather than now.

-Rachel J. volunteers to make the sale poster. Claire will work with her.

-Maria L. suggests we put artwork on the poster


-Cordelia R. and Ellie W. have pedestals we can use.

-Trey H. suggests we make our own pedestals. Sean, Lee, Rachel, and Gustav said they would help.

6. Visiting Artists

-Suzanne L. says her and Gustav H. are writing a proposal to ASUM, but anyone can do it

7. NCECA Show

– Show at NCECA is called-“What’s the use”. Functional ceramics and ceramics about function

-Juried show-we need to find a juror 20-25 pieces will be in the show. The venue has counter space and maybe wall space. When should it be juried? Officers will work with Beth L. on a prospectus.

Provided by SET


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