Meeting Minutes 9/26/11

28 Sep

UMECA: Meeting Minutes, September 26, 2011

4:11 p.m.

5 Attended

Discussion 1: Holiday Sale

Sarah T. suggests we have an advertising committee that is in charge of contacting radio stations, newspaper, email, etc.

-Marketing Committee

-Donations Committee

-Food Committee

-Fundraising Committee

-Postcards: Lee S. is in charge of finding out info about how we can get donations for postcards.

Holiday Sale Discussion closed.

Discussion 2:

-Suzanne L. suggests we makes a statement that discusses what it means to be a UMECA member and to receive    funding. Officers will discuss.

Discussion 3: Visiting Artists for Fall Semester

-We can write a proposal to ask for money to fund visiting artists.

-Suzanne L. proposes to write a proposal to bring Kowkie Durst and Kate McDowell to come as visiting artists for the fall semester.

-Total $800 for both artists. $250 perdiem for Kalkie Durst and $250 perdiem for Kate McDowell and $300 total for travel.

-Asking for $800-$1200 from ASUM for visiting artists.

-Asking $600 for NCECA booth

-Asking for money for holiday sale

All in favor

Gustav H. suggests we ask for more money.

Discussion 4:

-Brian Gillis is a ceramic artist who was brought to UM by graduate student Nathan Tonning. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss if we should disburse funds from UMECA to go towards his travel expenses.

-Suzanne L. via Janis Davis says that we cannot go into the negative with our budget unless we have it approved by Julia Galloway. So, if we give Brian G. funding, we will go into the negative.

-Suzanne L. says that Nathan is asking for $300 for Brian Gillis

-Cassie S. motions to give Brian Gillis $150. Lee S. seconds.

All in favor. None opposed.

Motion passes

UMECA will give $150 to Brian Gillis.

Provided by SET


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